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Hot Dog Derby

Ketchup, Onion and Mustard
Final 2012 Standings
Ketchup Mustard Onion
29 28 24

At the end of the fifth inning of every Indians home game the mayhem begins. The race starts on the scoreboard as fans watch Ketchup, Mustard and Onion race around the city of Cleveland as they make their way to Progressive Field to battle it out during the live, on-field Sugardale Hot Dog Derby.

The live race begins when the hot dogs enter the field from left field, then continue around the warning track finishing just past the visitors dugout. Slider has made many attempts to alter the results of the race or take out a hot dog, but at the end of the race there is always a winner. There have been some epic battles since the live race started in 2007, most of which have resulted in Ketchup cheating.

The Hot Dogs have become a fan favorite since they were introduced in 2007. They can be seen throughout the game causing trouble and meeting fans in various parts of the ballpark.

Ketchup Ketchup continues to be the devious rebel "cheater", which is enhanced through his facial expressions and "Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn style glasses. He will take every advantage to win, disregarding the sanctity of the race.
Onion Onion is the diva. While she will give her best effort in the race, she knows how to strut her stuff and always looks good. She has a crush on Mustard which irritates Ketchup to no end.
Mustard Mustard remains the all-American boy of the group. Cool, fun-loving and focused on giving the fans his best effort every race. He struggles daily to keep Ketchup in line.

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