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Ticket Technology

The Cleveland Indians are proud to offer fans the ability to manage and distribute tickets online quickly and securely after purchase through both the Ballpark App and their My Indians Account

Ballpark App
Season Tickets

The Ballpark app is the preferred route to ticket management.

  • Scan into Progressive Field from a mobile device
  • View forward, and recall tickets
  • Purchase tickets for current and future games
  • Live chat with Fan Services
  • Unlock offers and explore the Ballpark with our interactive maps
My Indians Tickets

Manage your Indians tickets from a desktop or tablet

  • Print, Forward and Recall tickets
  • Sell tickets via StubHub
  • Pay invoices and renew season tickets
Help and FAQs

Learn how to fully utilize each of the digital ticket management options available through My Indians Tickets.

  • Link Accounts
  • Ticket Forwarding/Recalling
  • Printing Tickets
  • Managing tickets with the Ballpark App
Ticket Kiosks

Save time by picking up or purchasing your Indians tickets at a kiosk located outside of the new and improved Right Field Gate.