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Franklin Gutierrez wins the 2008 Fielding Bible Award for best fielding right fielder in Major League Baseball
10/30/2008 1:15 PM ET
Cleveland Indians third-year man Franklin Gutierrez won the 2008 Fielding Bible Award for right field in an announcement made November 1, 2008, in The Bill James Handbook 2009. This is Gutierrez' first Fielding Bible Award.

Gutierrez was chosen by a panel of ten experts, including Bill James and John Dewan, author of the award-winning book The Fielding Bible, which revolutionized fielding analysis in the Major Leagues, and the forthcoming The Fielding Bible-Volume II.

In granting the award to Gutierrez, Dewan wrote: "Franklin Gutierrez led all right fielders in Plus/Minus last year with +20, although he did not win a Fielding Bible Award. To show that 2007 was no fluke, however, Gutierrez led them again this year with +29. Here's the amazing part: He did it while playing in only 88 games in right field in 2007 and only 97 games this year."

Officially announced annually on November 1 (before any other fielding awards), The Fielding Bible Awards name the best overall fielder at every position in the major leagues each season. This year, National League players were chosen at five positions and American League players at four. 2008 marks the third year of the Fielding Bible Awards.

The other 2008 Fielding Bible Award winners are:
First Base -- Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
Second Base -- Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds
Shortstop -- Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies
Third Base -- Adrian Beltre, Seattle Mariners
Left Field -- Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay Rays
Center Field -- Carlos Beltran, New York Mets
Catcher -- Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals
Pitcher -- Kenny Rogers, Detroit Tigers

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