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Royals Caravan

FAQs & Guidelines

Q. What time do I need to be at this event to ensure I get an autograph?
A. Autographs are on a first come, first serve basis and autographs are not guaranteed. Depending on the scheduled players, coaches and alumni, length of lines fluctuate. Only a limited number of autographs will be able to be completed within the period of time specified, so please plan accordingly when determining your arrival time.
Q. What players, coaches and alumni will be scheduled to appear?
A. Please visit to get the most up-to-date information on the participants that are scheduled to appear at each location. All participants are subject to availability and subject to change without notice.
Q. How many players and alumni will be scheduled to appear?
A. Depending on location and date, each group of players and alumni may range from two to five (2-5) participants.
Q. Will I be able to take pictures with the players?
A. To ensure that we accommodate as many fans as possible, we unfortunately will not be able to allow posed photographs with players and alumni during this event.
Q. How many autographs can I get per player and are there any restrictions on the items I can bring?
A strict policy of one (1) item per player or alumni is enforced. Although there is not a published list of restricted items, it is up to the discretion of the player or alumni on what items they will and will not sign.

Autograph Guidelines

  • All locations and players are subject to change.
  • One (1) autograph per person per player, coach or alumni.
  • No holding spaces in line for other fans.
  • Due to limited time, we ask that you refrain from taking photographs with players or alumni.
  • Autographs are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • We politely request that autograph dealers refrain from attending these fan events. Access will be at the discretion of representatives of the Kansas City Royals and the hosts of the Caravan. Known autograph dealers may be refused access.