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137McFarland, TimothyA A Stagg SchoolLHPL/L6'03" 1989-06-08HS400K
887Rieck, GarrettCal St ChicoLHPL/L6'02"1751985-09-04SR
647Clark, JaredCal St FullertonOFR/R6'04"1951986-05-09JR
1282Howell, TravisCal St Long BeachCR/R6'02"2201985-01-19SR
587Coyle, RobertChatsworth HSCFL/L6'01" 1989-03-06HS400K
497Hogan, DougClemson UCR/R6'02"2151984-09-29JR
1092Zocchi, PeterClemson URHPR/R5'11"2101985-06-19JR
617Hehr, JeffreyEastern Michigan USSR/R6'00"1801985-07-27JR
857Savastano, ScottFranklin Pierce ColSSR/R6'04"1901986-06-12SO
1334Evatt, DanielGrapevine HSCFR/R6'03"2001988-11-27HS
767Leiendecker, KyleHomestead HSLHPL/L6'02"1751988-09-29HS400K
1034Judy, JoshIndiana Institute of TechRHPR/R6'04"1951986-02-09JR
707Hall, ShaefferJefferson ColLHPR/L6'00"1801987-10-02J1
827Edwards, DanielKansas St URHPR/R6'00"1851985-09-28JR
797Valadez, MichaelLee UCR/R6'00"2201986-05-31JR
13Mills, BeauLewis & Clark St Col1BL/R6'03"2201986-08-15JR400K
Comments: Mills spent his first two years of college ball at Fresno State, but transferred after academic problems forced him off the team late last year. Still, he hit 14 homers and hit .355 in 2006 and was even better with Lewis-Clark State this year. In a class short on impact college bats, Mills has only helped his draft status.
Enhanced Scouting Report
257Thompson, MarkLewis & Clark St ColSSR/R5'09"1651984-11-26SR400K
677Sowers, HenryNorth Lenoir HSRHPL/R6'03" 1988-12-13HS
1120Kiekhefer, DeanOldham County HSLHPL/L6'00"1551989-06-07HS
1381Rucker, KevinPioneer Valley HSCFR/R6'01"1851989-09-14HS
227St Clair, AllenRice ULHPL/L6'05" 1986-07-30JR400K
Comments: St. Clair missed the first two months of the season with a shoulder injury, but was showing signs of being the same reliever he'd been previously at Rice. He won't be a closer at the next level, but there's more there than just a lefty specialist. He's got tools to attack right-handed hitters as well and could be an intriguing setup man for someone in the future.
Enhanced Scouting Report
737Zornes, AdamRice UCR/R6'00"2151986-04-02JR400K
197Greenwell, BoRiverdale HSCFL/L6'00"1851988-10-15HS
1256Tafelski, BryceSanta Ynez Valley Union HSCR/R6'00"1851988-12-25HS
1230Luce, ThomasSeminole St ColRHPR/R6'06"2001988-02-08J1
917Brentz, BryceSouth Doyle HSRHPR/R6'00"1851988-12-30HS
1063Juhl, BrianStanford UCS/R6'01"2101985-09-22JR
947Hessler, JasonSt Josephs URHPR/R6'03"2201986-08-18JR
377Campfield, GarrisonTexas A&M URHPR/R6'01"2001984-05-29SR
527Morgan, MilesTexas Tech URHPR/R6'04"2001986-03-11JR
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