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Inductees by position
First Base 21
Second Base 21
Shortstop 24
Third Base 16
Left Field 21
Center Field 23
Right Field 24
Catcher 16
Designated Hitter 1
Pitcher 77
Pioneers/Executives 33
Managers 20
Umpires 10
Inductees by year
Inductees by position
First-year electees
Voting percentages
Eligibility & committee members

This Day in Baseball History:
August 19, 1951 > In one of Bill Veeck's most notorious publicity stunts, the St. Louis Browns send three-foot, seven-inch Eddie Gaedel to bat against the Detroit Tigers. The diminutive Gaedel -- whose strike zone measures an inch-and-a-half -- easily walks on four pitches before being removed for a pinch runner.