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Indians draft position players
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06/04/2002 4:31 pm ET 
Indians draft position players
By Justice B. Hill /

Second baseman Micah Schilling is from Clinton, La. (Baseball America)
Indians' round-by-round picks

CLEVELAND -- Assistant general manager John Mirabelli went into the 2002 First-Year Player Draft looking for talent and for players who might help the Indians restock their farm system.

Mirabelli's selections in the June draft Tuesday leaned heavily toward position players. Of the first 11 picks, Mirabelli used seven of those picks on position players.

While his first pick was Stanford pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, Mirabelli used his two "sandwich" picks on position players: infielder Matt Whitney, 18, of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., at No. 31; and Micah Schilling, 19, a second baseman from Clinton, La., at No. 43.

In Whitney and Schilling, Mirabelli dipped into a pool deep with position players from the high-school ranks.

"We liked what we'd seen in them," said Mirabelli, the architect of the draft. "We liked where they are offensively."

Both Whitney and Schilling put up impressive numbers in high school. Whitney, who bats right handed, hit .475 with 12 home runs and 45 RBIs for Palm Gardens High School. For Silliman Institute, Schilling, who bats left handed, hit .489 with 16 home runs and 43 RBIs.

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"Both are seasoned high-school hitters," said Mirabelli, who had seven picks among the first 100 players. "Both expressed a very, very high desire to go out and start their pro careers."

In addition to Guthrie, Whitney and Schilling, the Tribe selected:
No. 63: Right-hander Brian Slocum, 21, of Villanova: 4-2 with 3.41 ERA: a power-arm guy, not a real advanced or seasoned pitcher as Guthrie is. Strong, durable build.
No. 72: Third baseman Pat Osborn, 21, of Florida: .414, 17 homers, 76 RBIs: a very advanced college hitter in an elite level of college baseball. Bats right-handed.
No. 82: Outfielder Jason Cooper, 21, of Stanford: .351 with 13 homers, 52 RBIs: a power bat, and a player the Indians had tracked since high school. Shoulder problem had limited him to DH duties this past season. Bats left-handed.
No. 94: Left-hander Daniel Cevette, 18, of Elkland, Penn.: No statistics available; has a chance to be a power arm, but a little on the raw side.
No. 124: First baseman Fernando Pacheco, 17, of San Diego: No statistics available: aggressive fastball hitter's approach. Quick, powerful bat through zone. Ball jumps off bat. Average arm. Competitive. Leader on field.
No. 154: Outfielder Ben Francisco, 21, of UCLA: No statistics available:
No. 184: Left-hander Michael Hernandez, 21, of Fresno State: No statistics available: Live arm and whip action. Good extension out front. Fastball runs with occasional late sink. Slider flashes hard, late bite. Curve has slurvy action. Change fades out of zone. Aggressive. Pitches inside.
No. 214: Outfielder Brian Wright, 22, of North Carolina State: No statistics available.
No. 244: Left-hander Blake Allen, 21, of Union University: No statistics available.
No. 274: Second-baseman Shaun Larkin, 23, of California State: no statistics available.
No. 304: Left-hander Keith Ramsey, 22, of Florida: No statistics available.
No. 334: First-baseman William Peavy, 23, of Southern Cal: No statistics available.
No. 364: Outfielder Randall Longworth, 18, Wise, Va.: No statistics available.
No. 394: Left-hander Reid Santos, 19, of Saddleback Community College: No statistics available.
No. 424: Right-hander Michael Mitchell, 20, of St. Charles Junior College: No statistics available.
No. 454: Outfielder Nathan Panther, 20, of Muscatine Community College: No statistics available.
No. 484: Catcher Omar Casillas, 18, Cirda, Puerto Rico: No statistics available: Slender, fibrous arm, some hand quickness. Aggressive but has good eye. Proper throwing mechanics, quick feet and quick release.
No. 514: Left-hander Jeffery Ostrander, 18, of Montpolier, Va.: No statistics available.
No. 544: Left-hander Jahseam George, 23, of San Jose State: No statistics available.
No. 574: Outfielder Curt Mendoza, 18, of Redlands, Calif.: No statistics available: Very strong, powerful and quick stroke. Competitive with large, heavy-boned frame -- an Andres Galarraga type.
No. 604: Left-hander Chris White, 21, of Kent State: No statistics available.
No. 634: Shortstop Ezekiel Parraz, 19,of Southern Nevada Community College: No statistics available.
No. 664: Catcher Clayton McCullough, 22, of East Carolina: No statistics available.

The Tribe used most of its picks on Day One of the draft on position players, which Mirabelli had been described as the draft's strength.

"We felt things sort of fell our way, as the spring scouting season went on," he said. "It looked like the things we wanted to accomplish were there for us to do.

"We were lucky we had picks to do it."

Justice B. Hill is a senior writer with He can be reached at This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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