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The day after the Derby
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07/16/2003  1:04 PM ET 
The day after the Derby
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Not many guys have won the Home Run Derby and gone on to homer in the All-Star Game. Perhaps fatigue was a factor. However, of the three Derby winners who did homer, two went on to win the All-Star MVP Award as well. The following is a list of Derby winners, with players who homered in the big game in bold.

2003 Garret Anderson (won MVP Award)
2002 Jason Giambi
2001 Luis Gonzalez
2000 Sammy Sosa
1999 Ken Griffey, Jr.
1998 Ken Griffey, Jr.
1997 Tino Martinez
1996 Barry Bonds
1995 Frank Thomas
1994 Ken Griffey, Jr.
1993 Juan Gonzalez
1992 Mark McGwire
1991 Cal Ripken, Jr. (won MVP Award)
1990 Ryne Sandberg
1989 Eric Davis
  Ruben Sierra
1988 Postponed by rain
1987 Andre Dawson
1986 Darryl Strawberry
  Wally Joyner
1985 Dave Parker

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