PHOENIX -- D-backs outfielder Chris Young has been battling a sore left thumb recently, but does not believe the injury is serious.

Young said he initially injured the thumb while catching a ball awkwardly, and he aggravated it when he took an awkward swing while striking out in the eighth inning on Monday night.

"I tweaked something in there, and [on Tuesday] when I woke up, it was a little stiff," Young said. "I'm just going to try and get some work done on it, and get it better."

D-backs manager Kirk Gibson offered to give Young a day off, but he declined.

"It felt a lot better [on Wednesday] when I woke up than [on Tuesday], so I'm assuming it should be fine," Young said. "It was initially more [painful] catching. Swinging, I don't really use that thumb much when I swing. It's more on a bad swing and miss or when I roll over a pitch that I feel it. It's not too bad. It's going to be fine."

Gibson: Putz's velocity down a bit lately

PHOENIX -- It's not just the results that have been troubling for D-backs closer J.J. Putz the last couple of days.

"The ball just hasn't been coming out of his hand [well]," D-backs manager Kirk Gibson said.

Putz, one of the National League's best relievers early this year, has blown saves against the Indians on Monday and Tuesday.

Gibson said that Putz's velocity has been down a bit recently, but added that part of that variation could be because of the different way ballpark radar guns are calibrated.

"In Detroit, he threw a really good inning for us. the ball was coming out," Gibson said referring to last Friday night against the Tigers. "The last couple of outings it hasn't come out as good. I think pitchers probably go through streaks like hitters do, but when you're the closer it's magnified."

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Gibson checks with Putz each day to see how he's feeling and so far the right-hander has not complained of any problems. Putz had a 1.57 ERA through his first 22 appearances, but so far in 12 June games he has a 6.17 mark.

"He's had a couple of rocky outings," Gibson said. "We'll talk to him, see what's going on. We need to get him back to how he was prior to this month."