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12/10/2003 12:12 PM ET
Daktronics chosen for new system

Brookings, S.D. -- December 10, 2003 -- Daktronics, Inc. (Nasdaq - DAKT) announced today that it has been chosen by the Cleveland Indians to provide a new integrated display system for Jacobs Field which will include the largest full-color light emitting diode (LED) video display at any baseball or other professional sports facility in North America. The value of the project exceeds $7 million with installation scheduled for spring 2004.

Indians fans will see live video and replays on the world's largest baseball video screen, measuring approximately 36 feet high by 149 feet wide. Additional information, including scores, lineups, player stats, team stats, pitch information, as well as out-of-town game scores and stats, shown on a total of nine large displays, will keep fans on top of the action at Jacobs Field and informed of progress at other Major League Baseball parks. The Daktronics system includes the capability to automatically import and present statistical data from Major League Baseball, Elias Sports Bureau and other sources. Fans will enjoy high-tech, high-resolution LED displays located around the ballpark.

"The Cleveland Indians are excited to once again partner with Daktronics to provide our fans with the very best in sports entertainment," said Bob DiBiasio, Indians Vice President of Public Relations. "As we celebrate our 10th anniversary at Jacobs Field in 2004, the addition of this new integrated display system enhances our ability to inform, educate and entertain our fans, as well as uniquely market the products of our corporate sponsors. This is another example of our continued efforts to have Jacobs Field remain one of the premier sports facilities in America."

"We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Indians organization to fulfill their vision to make Jacobs Field the best place in the world to watch baseball, and look forward to helping them achieve that goal," said Jim Morgan, president and CEO of Daktronics, Inc. "This unique display system will be unlike any other, with its giant, wide-screen ProStar display and additional complimentary full-color LED displays. From our experience at many other sports facilities, we've learned that fans really appreciate the additional information and excitement that a 'super system' such as this provides. Presentations are especially effective when multiple displays are programmed and used in concert to present information, graphics, animation and video. We've developed our control systems for large sports facilities with that capability."

Main Scoreboard and Out of Town Display
After the start of the 2004 season, Jacobs Field will claim the largest video screen in baseball, and certainly one of the largest in the world. Measuring nearly 150 feet long, the display will be comprised of the latest Daktronics ProStar. VideoPlus technology, using nearly three million red, green and blue light emitting diodes to present images with incredible clarity and color. The main video display will be installed in the center of the existing scoreboard structure in left field.

The Indians can boast another "first" with the installation of a fully programmable, full-color LED display below the main scoreboard. The display will be installed as part of the outfield fence, a first in a Major League Baseball facility, and will be used primarily to show scores and other information from American and National League games. This display will measure approximately nine feet high by 172 feet wide.

Fascia displays
Five large fascia-mounted ProAd. displays will keep fans and sponsors happy with continually changing messages, stats and graphics. The largest of the fascia displays will measure approximately 3'6" high by 220 feet wide and be installed on the lower fascia along the first base line. Two additional displays, each measuring 3'6" by 172 feet wide, will be mounted on the lower fascia on both the first and third base lines. There will also be two displays, measuring 3'6" by 65 feet, installed on the upper fascia on each side of the ballpark.

Additional Displays
The Indians will also replace the existing Daktronics incandescent display on East 9th Street, with a full-color LED video display. The new display will be installed in the existing structure and will measure approximately 9 feet high by 11 feet wide. In the concourse, fans will be able to catch live action on another ProStar. display measuring 7'6" high by 10 feet wide.

Control System
A Daktronics integrated control system will drive all of the new LED displays. The Company's Venus. 7000 and V-Play. controllers, V-Link. video processors, and DakStats. scoring and statistics program are integral components and provide the means to create, import, display, manage, share and log the data and images that will appear on the displays.

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