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01/19/2010 2:57 PM ET
Cleveland Indians and DNC Sportservice Continue Environmentally-Sustainable Efforts at Progressive Field
Indians Green Team Implemented Reduce, Reuse, Recycle− Progressive Field is Using Less and Wasting Less
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The Cleveland Indians and Delaware North Companies (DNC) Sportservice are committed to practicing environmentally-sustainable efforts at Progressive Field by recycling, using environmentally friendly products, using advanced technologies and partnering with local agencies for food donations. These initiatives were successful in 2009 and allowed the Tribe and DNC to use less and waste less while helping the community and environment. 

The Indians are energized to continue supporting the environment by expanding upon the campaign "Our Tribe is Green...Are you in the Tribe?" Launched in 2008, this campaign utilizes recyclable paper, vending cornstarch cups in the concession stands that decompose in landfills. The campaign introduced a team called "The Indians Green Team" to focus on recycling during all gamedays and has installed special "Pepsi" recyclable containers for plastic bottles throughout Progressive Field and continued to recycle all paper and cardboard products.  This program is also implemented in the home and visiting clubhouses in 2009 and will continue throughout the 2010 season. Composting organic waste will also be added in 2010.

"The Cleveland Indians are committed to exploring the opportunities to help preserve the environment through the use of advanced energy," said JIM FOLK, Indians Vice President of Ballpark Operations. "Using the latest sustainable technologies is not only good for the community, but good for baseball."

Recycling and Trash

  • Items recycled are cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastic #1, scrap metal, cooking oil, florescent bulbs and ballast, batteries, electronics, organic waste and wood.
  • 150.02 tons of materials were recycled in 2009.
  • 47% fewer ton s of trash generated since 2007.
  • Number of trash pickups cut by more than 50% since 2007.
  • Each Progressive Field office and cubicle has blue recycling bins for paper products.

Environmentally Friendly Products

  • All of the new Progressive Field signs installed in 2008 are LED lighting, which offers energy cost savings, low-voltage operation, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and are environmentally safe as they contain no UV, infrared or glass.

Over 42,200 CO2 emissions were avoided in 2009

  • Green Seal certified and 100% recycled content paper hand towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue used in the ballpark and front office.
  • Green Seal certified cleaning products.
  • Compostable corn starch based vended beer and Pepsi cups.
  • Compostable sugar cane based cutlery and hot serve cups in the front office.
  • Compostable paper and sugar cane lined hot serve cups in the Press Box.
  • Biodegradable retail bags within all Indians Team Shops.


  • The first American League ballpark to go solar in 2007. 
  • Green Energy Ohio partnered with Doty and Miller Architects to design and install the 42 GE solar panels. To view current energy usage saved and greenhouse emissions avoided by the installation of the Solar Panels visit,
  • Over 21,500kWh produced since the June 2007 solar panel commission. 
  • The solar installation provides 8.4 kilowatts of clean, renewable electricity.
  • The electricity produced from the solar installation is enough to power 400 television sets throughout Progressive Field.

Food Donations

  • Unused food and materials were donated to the Cleveland Foodbank after home games during 2009 season.
  •  Over 18,400 tons of food donated which converts to 14,300 plus meals to assist those in need.


  • GreenPath is the Environmental Management System (EMS) developed to enhance environmental awareness DNC/Indians employees, guests of Progressive Field and partners.
  • Focuses on maintain responsible energy and materials use.
  • Energy Use: HVAC, Refrigeration, Lights, etc.
  • Materials: Paper products, Cleaning products, Cans, Bottles, etc.
Progressive Field/Indians DNC Sportservice received ISO 14001 Registration in 2009 for more information visit
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