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01/13/05 2:00 PM ET

Millwood chats with fans online

The Indians added a quality arm with playoff experience to their starting rotation when they signed pitcher Kevin Millwood to a one-year contract on Jan. 8. Millwood answered some questions from fans during an online chat.

woockie: Welcome to Cleveland, Kevin. When you came up in Atlanta, you were the rookie among future Hall of Famers. How do you think you will like being the veteran among a group of young pitchers and do you think you can help them with your experience?

Kevin Millwood: I think it will be fun being the veteran, even though I'm not the old guy. I hope I can help a little from my past experience.

Base_Ball: Welcome to Cleveland Kevin! All of the Canadian Indians fans are glad you're aboard. If the Tribe can stay healthy, do you think we have a legitimate shot at being a strong contender?

Millwood: Yes. As long as everyone stays healthy I think we have as good a chance as anyone to win this division.

smallmoon2: Do you think it will be hard to switch from the National League to the American League? Also, do you know if Cleveland will have a four or five-man rotation?

Millwood: We will have a five-man rotation and it will probably take a little time to adjust, but I don't know if it will be any harder.

Base_Ball: I saw your no-hitter when you pitched for Philadelphia and was amazed. I was wondering if you think you might sign an extension to stay in Cleveland?

Millwood: It's always a possibility to sign an extension. We'll just have to see how it plays out.

quib: Welcome to Cleveland, Kevin. What, if anything, has you excited about pitching in the AL? Thanks, and good luck on the season.

Millwood: Nothing has excited me so far, except for the chance to see new places. I'm sure I'll be excited soon.

woockie: Kevin, who is the toughest hitter you have ever had to face?

Millwood: Barry Bonds without a doubt.

Colin_Holloway: Hey Mr. Millwood, welcome to the Tribe. Have you been able to sit down with any of the pitching staff? If you have, what have you guys discussed?

Millwood: I have had the chance to talk to four or five of the guys. So far, we have been trying to get to know each other.

joepalumbo: Mr. Millwood, what are you most excited about joining the Indians?

Millwood: The chance to win.

Base_Ball_2: So far, have your experiences with fellow teammates and the coaching staff been agreeable and what is the atmosphere like in the clubhouse?

Millwood: I have had good experiences with everyone so far.

Colin_Holloway: What kind of attributes do you think you bring to this young Indians team?

Millwood: Hopefully a little veteran leadership and postseason experience.

Colin_Holloway: Who do you model yourself after as a pitcher?

Millwood: I don't model myself after anyone. I try to take little things from everybody.

cman88844: Kevin, with all the young talent on this team, are you willing to be patient and wait on them to develop?

Millwood: I think everyone has had time to develop for the most part. Now it is just trying to learn the ins and outs of the game.

Base_Ball_2: Are there any batters you are looking forward to facing in the AL?

Millwood: Frank Thomas. I've never faced him and I like to face big power hitters.

matthew83: So what do you think about the Indians getting back Juan Gonzalez?

Millwood: I think it is a good move. If he stays healthy he can help the team out a lot.

woockie: Kevin, do you prefer being the No. 1, 2 or 3 starter, or does it matter?

Millwood: I don't care.

jimbeamcle: Who do you think has the disadvantage switching leagues? You as the pitcher or the batters who haven't faced you.

Millwood: I think whoever makes the adjustment quicker has the advantage.

Colin_Holloway: What Indian do you look forward to working with the most?

Millwood: Right now, I'm looking forward to working with the catchers just to get to know one another.

Base_Ball: What number will you wear?

Millwood: I will be wearing #34, but Mr. (Cliff) Lee will be compensated.

Base_Ball_4: Mr Millwood, welcome to the Indians! Who is the pitcher you really look up to in baseball?

Millwood: I probably learned more from Greg Maddux than anyone else.

quib: Kevin, coming to the AL with the DH, do you think it will help you to concentrate more on your pitching than having to bat two or three times?

Millwood: Yes. It will take a little bit of the worry of going to the plate out of the mix.

joepalumbo: Have you ever played with any of the current Indian players?

Millwood: Nope.

Base_Ball_2: Are there any pitchers in the AL you are excited about matching up against?

Millwood: Barry Zito.

bradley_tippie: Have you fully recovered from your injury?

Millwood: I don't have any pain right now and expect to be healthy when the season starts.

Base_Ball_2: Do you consider yourself more of a power pitcher or a finesse pitcher?

Millwood: I'm more of a power pitcher.

jimbeamcle: How did the Philly fans treat you, and were you sorry to go?

Millwood: When I won they were great. When I lost they had a lot of things to say.

woockie: Will you feel more comfortable about being aggressive with opposing hitters not having to bat?

Millwood: I've always pitched aggressive and it doesn't matter whether I bat or not.

Base_Ball: What's your favorite city to visit when on the road?

Millwood: San Diego.

matthew83: Kevin, would you like to face off with Randy Johnson now that your both in the AL?

Millwood: Yes, but I have to worry more about the hitters than Randy.

jimbeamcle: Who was your favorite team growing up?

Millwood: No favorite team. I didn't watch much baseball growing up.

Colin_Holloway: Have you had a chance to walk around the Jake, and what do you think of it if you have?

Millwood: Both times I've been here there has been snow on the ground. But what I've seen so far has been nice.

barndale20_aol_com: Do you see anyone in this rotation being a 20-game winner this year?

Millwood: I think everyone has a chance to win 20 games. But you have to have a lot of luck that goes with it.

Base_Ball_3: Kevin, what is the main thing you learned from Leo Mazzone in Atlanta that you can bring with you this year, and for the rest of your career?

Millwood: Just commanding my fastball.

joepalumbo: Have you ever played at the Jake before?

Millwood: No.

quib: Kevin, what do you like to do in your off time?

Millwood: Hunt and fish.

Base_Ball_2: Now that the Indians pitching staff is more experienced and we have you, do you think we can match up better against division rivals, most importantly the Twins?

Millwood: Yes. I think everyone has another year under their belt and hopefully that can help us all against the Twinkies.

matthew83: When you're introduced on Opening Day for the Tribe, is there any kind of music you would like to be introduced by?

Millwood: Anything but rap.

redmann: What is the biggest challenge that you feel you will face this season?

Millwood: Learning hitters from a new league.

chiefwahoo86: What was it like throwing a no-hitter?

Millwood: It was a great experience that I'll always have.

charliedog: Hi Kevin. Welcome to the Tribe! I hope you kick tail this year. You've pitched in some great rotations in the past. How do you think this year's Tribe rotation stacks up?

Millwood: I haven't been able to see these guys pitch much, but the talent is there.

quib: Kevin, you mentioned you didn't watch much baseball growing up. When did you start playing baseball?

Millwood: I started playing when I was 8.

cman88844: Have you had a chance to speak much with Eric Wedge and what were your impressions of him?

Millwood: I've spoken with Wedgie once and I think we'll get along great.

gary_slawson: Describe your offseason workout?

Millwood: A lot of cardio and a little weights.

smallmoon2: The way the schedule looks, there is a possibility that you will start on Cleveland's home opener. Is this possible?

Millwood: I'm not sure, but it would be a great honor.

Base_Ball_3: Kevin, you have four pitches in your arsenal. If you throw a 100 pitches in a game, what is the typical mix?

Millwood: Eighty fastballs, 10 sliders, eight curves, and two changeups.

barndale20_aol_com: C.C. has a little bit of problem with showing too much emotion on the mound. Do you think that is something you might be able to help him with during the year?

Millwood: I don't think there is any problem with showing your emotions, but maybe I can help him harness it a little.

chiefwahoo86: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Millwood: Forrest Gump.

Millwood: Thanks for joining us today. I look forward to either seeing you in Winter Haven or at Jacobs Field very soon.

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