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05/03/06 10:00 AM ET

Homer helps make proposal perfect

Tribe fans' special night made better with Broussard ball

CLEVELAND -- Ben Broussard doesn't know Scott Demchuk and Cathy Sroka, but he could find himself with a special invitation to their wedding.

Because when Broussard lofted a Josh Beckett pitch into the right-field mezzanine for a solo home run April 27 in the 15-3 win over the Red Sox, he not only gave his Indians club a boost in the run column; he also gave Scott a perfect proposal precursor.

Scott, you see, had his proposal to Cathy, his girlfriend of five years, planned out perfectly.

He would take her to the game, where the couple had mezzanine seats.

Between the third and fourth innings, Scott would head out to the concourse to meet up with his mother, who would hand him a Tribe jersey with the words "Marry Me" and the number "06" printed on the back.

Scott would then return to his seat with the jersey in a Tribe Team Shop bag, then surprise Cathy with a marriage proposal -- ring, jersey and all -- during the fourth inning.

A perfect plan, right?

Well, somehow, Broussard made it even better by surprising Cathy with a different, unexpected souvenir. When his homer came flying into Scott and Cathy's section, it bounced around a bit before Cathy came up with it.

"I was saying, 'This is the best day of my life,'" she recalled.

And that was before Scott's proposal.

With his soon-to-be-fiancee clutching her new prized possession, Scott, a native of Westlake, couldn't believe what had just occurred.

"I was flipping out," he said.

It was Cathy, a Seven Hills native, who was flipping out an inning later, when Scott carried out his plan.

"I thought the day could not get any better," she said. "I was 100 percent shocked."

Now the couple has another day to plan out, and this time they'll do it together. They're entering the club's "Ultimate Wedding Giveaway" contest with the hope of winning an all-expenses-paid wedding at Jacobs Field.

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Regardless of location, though, the one thing for certain about the wedding is that the couple will have a ball.

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