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09/20/06 10:00 AM ET

Game Face finishes first online season

Tell us what you did and didn't like and want to see next year

The last out of the Indians' 2006 season is nearing. Soon it will be time to throw the tarp on the field, pack up the bats and balls and brace for the winter ahead.

Game Face magazine is also packing it up and calling it a season. This will be the final issue until next April, when the boys of summer return to The Jake.

This was the first year that the Indians' popular in-game magazine was moved from the concessions to the computer, where it was available exclusively online.

Over the course of '06, we've gotten to know some new faces in the Tribe's clubhouse, including Jason Michaels, Kelly Shoppach, Ryan Garko and Paul Byrd.

We've gone behind the scenes to get to know the people who run the Jacobs Field scoreboard, the Tribe's video crew, and visiting clubhouse manager Cy Buynak.

We've learned the fine art of throwing a sinkerball, gunning down a runner from the outfield and holding batting practice.

And we've even ventured into the stands to meet interesting fans like Gene Witts, who's been to all but one game in the history of the ballpark, Scott and Cathy Demchuk, who got engaged and, later, married at The Jake, and John Adams, whose drum-pounding has reverberated from the bleacher seats in Cleveland since 1973.

Game Face will return to this spot on the Web in 2007, so we're looking for suggestions from readers on what type of content should be included. What did you like about this year's batch of issues? What didn't you like? What would you like to see next year? Let us know by sending an e-mail to anthony.castrovince@mlb.com, and be sure to include the subject line "Game Face."

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