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03/08/07 12:47 PM ET

Barfield looks to avoid sophomore jinx

Second baseman hopes to adjust quickly to American League

Josh Barfield took time to chat with fans on March 8 before his Spring Training game in Winter Haven, Fla. Barfield shared his thoughts about the sophomore slump, his dad, playing in Cleveland, and what he does with his time away from the field.

Josh Barfield: Thank you for joining me in the chat. Let's get started.

bigfan629: I have read that your dad watches all your games -- about how many does he see live?

Barfield: He usually comes out about once a month, but he has Tivo.

TribeFan12: What are your thoughts on the 2007 Indians?

Barfield: I think that we really have a good team. I know that it is early in the year and I haven't had a chance to see a lot of our competition, but I feel real good about the team that we will be putting out on the field.

bigfan629: Would you rather hit a homer or steal home?

Barfield: That is an easy one. I would much rather hit a homer. I don't think that there is a better feeling in all of sports than hitting a home run.

jlb29: How do you balance your own expectations to the expectations others put on you since Jesse Barfield is your dad?

Barfield: Good question. I've always had very high expectations of myself. I set my goals very high so I've always felt that if I am reaching my expectations, then I am usually reaching everyone else's. I also think that by playing a different position than my father, that it makes it a little easier as far as being compared to him.

GOTRIBE: If I am on the standing room Home Run Porch this year, could you guarantee a few balls coming my way?

Barfield: Ha, ha. I can't guarantee you anything but I'll just say it is very likely I'll be sending a couple your way. Bring a glove.

CPVT3: Do you believe in the "sophomore slump?"

Barfield: I have been hearing a lot about the dreaded "sophomore slump." I understand the reasoning behind it. A lot of guys have trouble their second year through the league. It is tough once pitchers have a better idea of how to attack you and more video of you to watch. I believe that if I just do what I have always done and make adjustments as quickly as possible, then I will be able to avoid the second-year slump.

GOTRIBE: What are some of your hobbies?

Barfield: When you're at the field so much, you have to have something else to turn to so that you can relax and take your mind off of the game. For me it would be watching movies, playing video games and cooking. Those three things are probably my favorite things to do when I am away from the field.

schneidut: Being in the American League now, what ballpark(s) are you most excited to play in?

Barfield: The first thing I thought about when I got traded was that I was going to get to play at Yankee Stadium before they tear it down. That has always been a dream of mine and now it's going to come true.

jlb29: Who was your favorite childhood baseball player?

Barfield: My favorite childhood player, of course, was my dad. He was and still is my hero. Aside from him, it would definitely be Rickey Henderson.

Barfield: Thanks for all of your questions. I'm sorry I couldn't get to more but I have to go get ready to play the Phillies now. Thanks for your support and I hope to see you out at The Jake soon. Go Tribe!

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