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08/13/08 10:00 AM ET

Reyes adjusting on the fly

Indians' newest starter talks life on, off field in Q&A session

eIt was a low-profile trade that brought Anthony Reyes to the Indians' organization on July 26, but the Tribe hopes it has some long-term rewards. Reyes was once considered the top prospect of the Cardinals, and he won Game 1 of the 2006 World Series against the Tigers. But he fell out of favor with the St. Louis coaching staff and was sent to the Tribe for Minor League reliever Luis Perdomo.

Called up into the Indians' rotation last week, Reyes now has an opportunity to latch onto a long-term future with the club. MLB.com caught up with the 26-year-old Reyes to get to know a little bit more about him, on and off the field.

Is it strange joining a new organization? Do you feel a little like a rookie again?

Yeah, it feels a little weird, trying to get comfortable and trying not to step on anybody's toes. You just try to get a feel for the guys here and how they run things. At first, it's a little uncomfortable, but everybody's so nice here that it makes it easier.

Is it safe to say winning Game 1 of the '06 World Series is your top baseball moment?

It's definitely up there. The other one I had in Chicago [a one-hitter against the White Sox on June 22, 2006] was another good one for me. It's nice to look back on those things and know I'm capable of pitching like that up here. It just drives me more.

What was it like for you when you found out you were starting the first game of the World Series, because that came together pretty quickly, didn't it?

It did. I found out the day before. I tried not to think anything of it and just did my regular routine and played video games before. I tried to take my mind off things, and that's what I did. Once I started warming up, it was all right.

So what video gahttp://newsroom.mlbcontrol.net/structure/index.pl MLB Newsroom - Content Entrymes do you play?

"Halo" and "Call of Duty." Stuff like that.

Is that a regular pregame thing for you?

Yeah, it's a way for me to get through the season. Going to the field every day is tough. It keeps me not thinking about things and keeps the focus on other things.

Well, these guys are big on playing the old "RBI Baseball" game from Nintendo. That's a little different from the "Halos" of the world.

Yeah, that kind of takes me back to when I was a little kid.

You wear the bill of your cap flat. Is that a superstitious thing?

Not really. When I got to pro ball, there was another guy [Blake Hawksworth] wearing his hat like that, and I just tried it. It felt good, and I could see the whole field well. So I just started taking it out of the box like that and wearing it.

Are you a superstitious guy, in general?

No, not really. I just kind of have my routine set. Part of being a starting pitcher is preparing yourself and having certain things you like to do to warm your body up before you go out and throw.

What do you think of the opportunity you have here with the Indians?

It's nice. I just want to do the things I was able to do to get up here. I still have a lot of stuff to work on, but it's a positive feeling here. It's a little more relaxed. Hopefully I can keep improving.

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