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04/05/10 2:01 PM ET

Smiths eliminated from 'The Amazing Race'

Father-daughter team enjoyed experience despite ending

CHICAGO -- The race is over for Indians' third-base coach Steve Smith and his daughter Allie.

The Smiths were eliminated from the CBS reality hit "The Amazing Race" in Sunday night's episode. They had finished in first place the previous week. But they had some trouble in the eighth leg of the race in Malaysia, where they put their faith in a taxi driver who had trouble finding their destination and then ditched them completely, causing them to fall behind their competition.

The show was shot in November and December, shortly after Smith accepted the job with the Tribe. The pomp and circumstance of Opening Day at least took some of the sting out of reliving the elimination experience.

"One bad cab driver and you're out," Smith said. "That day, you didn't really know the stakes. In other shows, you could make mistakes and make up for it. But the cab driver just got us so far behind that we just couldn't catch up."

Smith, 57, was forbidden all spring from telling teammates and family and friends -- even his wife -- his fate on the show. So when the Smiths finished in first last week, there was false hope that they might be closing in on the million-dollar prize.

"That was the hard thing," Smith said. "All of our friends knew we were doing so well last week and finished in first, and they thought there was no way we could be eliminated so fast. There's no advantage to being first because you start in the same spot."

In the end, though, Steve and Allie accomplished their goal of spending quality time together. They also pocketed $7,000 each and all the 7-Up they can drink for finishing first last week.

"We had fun," Smith said. "We said going into the show it's going to be about having a good time and traveling, and that's what we did. We never got caught up in the million dollars."

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