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Guide For Guests With Disabilities

The Yankees strive to provide an accessible environment for all their Guests at Yankee Stadium. Wheelchair accessible and designated aisle-transfer seats are available at various price points and locations and include Yankees Premium seat locations (please see "Yankees Premium" ). The Stadium also offers enhanced accessibility for Guests with hearing loss or low vision and for Guests who are deaf or blind.

For additional information about accessibility at the Stadium or if you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Disabled Services: (718) 579-4510 (voice) or (718) 579-4595 (TTY) or email us at the following address:


While at the Stadium during a game or public event, Guests may request to speak with a member of Disabled Services in person at any open Guest Relations Booth or Kiosk or in the Yankee Stadium Lobby, adjacent to Gate 2.

  • Additional Information

    Access-A-Ride Bus Stop

    The Access-A-Ride bus stop is located adjacent to Gate 4 on East 161st Street.

    Alternative Format Materials

    Home-game schedules and other print materials are available in Braille or large print upon request through Disabled Services.

    Assistive Listening Devices

    Assistive listening devices are available at no charge at the Guest Relations Booths. A valid credit card or acceptable form of picture identification (e.g., valid driver's license or nondriver government-issued photo ID card) is required as a deposit. Guests have a choice of an ear speaker, stereo headset or neckloop.


    All ATMs at Yankee Stadium are marked with Braille. For Guests' convenience, ATMs are at the following locations:

    • Great Hall: Adjacent to the Guest Relations and Ticket Sales Booth, near Gate 6
    • Field Level: Section 127B-128
    • Main Level: Sections 214A and 222
    • Terrace/Grandstand Level: Sections 313, 320C and 330-331
    • Bleachers: Section 237

    Guests experiencing ATM-related problems should contact their financial institutions.


    There are two dedicated open-caption video boards for Guests who are deaf or have hearing loss: one in left field, just below Section 233B, and one in right field, just below Section 206. Captioning is also provided on the right-center field video board, on the high-definition video board in the Great Hall, on high-definition televisions throughout Yankee Stadium and on the video board in the New York Yankees Museum presented by Bank of America.

    Concessions Stands

    Guests requiring assistance at any food service area should notify the nearest Yankee Stadium Team Member* (please see "Yankee Stadium Team Members" ), including those working at that concessions stand. Concessions stands have pens and paper and some combination of menus in Braille and/or large print and a reader to provide assistance in communicating.

    Directional/Way-Finding signage

    Directional/wayfinding signage throughout Yankee Stadium assists Guests in getting around. Most of the directional signage is traditional mounted signage with large white lettering on a navy blue background. There is also large-scale electronic directional signage in the Great Hall.


    For information on dropping off or picking up Guests with disabilities, please contact Disabled Services.

    Electrical Outlets

    Electrical outlets available for recharging wheelchairs, scooters and other medical equipment are located at the Guest Relations Booths and at the following wheelchair accessible seating areas: Sections 021B, 029, 104-106, 109, 111, 114A, 116, 118-121B, 124, 127A, 130, 132-134, 211, 225, 226, 305, 306, 309, 310, 313-315, 317-320A, 320C-323, 325-327, 330, 331, 333 and 334 and in the Bleachers at Sections 203 and 235-237.


    There are 16 public elevators to help Guests navigate Yankee Stadium:

    • Gate 2: Two elevators in the Yankee Stadium Lobby for SAP Suite Level-ticketed Guests, Guests with disabilities wishing to access the Main and Terrace/Grandstand Levels, and those Guests who have access to the Audi Yankees Club
    • Suite Entrance, adjacent to Gate 4: Two elevators for Legends Suite-, Delta SKY360° Suite- and SAP Suite Level-ticketed Guests, and Guests with disabilities wishing to access the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar
    • Great Hall: Eight elevators for Guests wishing to access the Main and Terrace/Grandstand Levels
    • Gate 6: Two elevators for Guests wishing to access NYY Steak Yankee Stadium, Guests with disabilities wishing to visit the New York Yankees Museum presented by Bank of America, Party City Party Suite-ticketed Guests, and those Guests who have access to the FedEx Banquet & Conference Center
    • Gate 8: Two elevators that provide Guests with access to the Field Level and Bleachers
    Emergency Evacuation

    Should there be an immediate need to evacuate Yankee Stadium, Guests will be given instructions via, to the extent available, the public-address/open-caption systems and high-definition televisions in the concourses. Guests are encouraged to:

    • be aware of their location in the Stadium at all times;
    • identify the two exits located nearest to their seats;
    • listen, watch for and follow instructions from the public-address system, video boards and concourse high-definition televisions (if available);
    • ask for assistance and information from Yankee Stadium Team Members* (please see "Yankee Stadium Team Members" ), police, and medical and security personnel; and
    • designate a meeting location outside the Stadium for their group in the event that they become separated during an evacuation.
    Entry and Carry-In Policy

    As part of Major League Baseball's initiative to standardize security procedures at all 30 major league parks, all Guests are required to be screened via metal detectors before entering Yankee Stadium. Those Guests who choose not to or who are unable to go through a walk-through metal detector have the option of being manually checked with a hand-held metal detector or a physical pat-down. For more information, please click here.


    There are two escalator banks at Yankee Stadium: one adjacent to the Yankees Team Store behind home plate in the Great Hall and one adjacent to the Guest Relations and Ticket Sales Booth, located near Gate 6 in the Great Hall. Please be advised that escalators may be turned off and/or reversed during the course of the game or event. Please note that elevators are available as an alternate means of getting around.

    First Aid/Medical

    Emergency medical personnel and ambulances are at Yankee Stadium during all games and public events. There are three first-aid locations: Field Level at Section 128, Main Level at Section 221 and Terrace/Grandstand Level at Section 320C. Automated external defibrillators are located at various points throughout the Stadium, and designated medical personnel have been trained and certified to use them. Guests in need of medical assistance should notify security personnel or the nearest Yankee Stadium Team Member* (please see "Yankee Stadium Team Members" ) or go to the nearest first-aid station. Roving medical personnel are also available throughout the Stadium.

    Handheld Radios

    A limited number of handheld radios are available at no charge at the Guest Relations Booths. A valid credit card or acceptable form of picture identification (e.g., valid driver's license or nondriver government-issued photo ID card) is required as a deposit. Guests will be provided with a stereo headset.

    Guest Relations Booths/Kiosks

    Guest Relations Ambassadors (please see "Yankee Stadium Team Members" ) are at Yankee Stadium to assist Guests in having a safe, enjoyable experience. The Stadium's two Guest Relations Booths are open during games and public events to assist Guests with questions and address any needs they may have. The booths are located adjacent to Gate 6 in the Great Hall and on the Field Level at Section 128. Guest Relations Kiosks and Guest Relations Ambassadors are also available in and around the Stadium.

    Induction Loops

    Induction loops have been installed at approximately 50 locations throughout Yankee Stadium, including some concessions stands, first-aid stations, merchandise stores, Guest Relations Booths and ticket windows. For a list of locations, please contact Disabled Services or visit a Guest Relations Booth.

    Monument Park

    Monument Park, located in center field, recognizes former Yankees greats. On game days, it opens with the gates and remains accessible for Guests' enjoyment until 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game (subject to capacity limitations). Please note that the line to Monument Park may close earlier than the Park itself. The Park is accessible via elevators adjacent to Gate 8. Please ask a Yankee Stadium Team Member* (please see "Yankee Stadium Team Members" ) for assistance.


    There are two ramps located inside Yankee Stadium: one adjacent to Gate 2 on the left-field side of the Stadium and one adjacent to Gate 6 on the right-field side of the Stadium. Both ramps are accessible for Guests who use wheelchairs or scooters.

    Restrooms/Family Restrooms

    Restrooms and accessible restrooms are located on all levels of Yankee Stadium and are equipped with baby-changing tables. Family restrooms are in the following locations:

    • Field Level: Sections 106, 124 and 130
    • Delta SKY360° Suite: Section 221B
    • Main Level: Sections 219, 227A and 234
    • Terrace/Grandstand Level: Sections 311, 317, 327 and 333
    • Bleachers: Section 201
    Safety Warning

    For the safety of everyone in Yankee Stadium, all Guests must stay alert and be aware of their surroundings at all times, as during all batting practices, fielding practices and warm-ups and throughout the course of all baseball games and the baseball game experiences, hard-hit baseballs and bats and fragments thereof may be thrown or hit into the stands, concourses, walkways, concessions areas, Monument Park and all other publicly accessible areas within the Stadium. Further, Guests concerned with their original ticketed location by reason of the foregoing should, at any time before or during the baseball game or the baseball game experiences, proceed to a Yankee Stadium Ticket Window, located adjacent to Gate 6 in the Great Hall, adjacent to the Yankees Team Store behind home plate in the Great Hall, or adjacent to Section 320C on the Terrace/Grandstand Level; however, please remember that: (a) any requested relocation is subject to availability; (b) any alternate seat or standing location may be in a section and/or level of the Stadium and/or within a price category that is not in the same section and/or level and/or price category of the Guests' original ticketed location, regardless of their original ticketed location; and (c) any Guest requesting relocation is responsible for paying the incremental price increase, if any, of the ticket price for the available alternate location. Relocation to a seat or standing location at a lower price than the price of the original ticketed location will not result in a refund or credit.

    Seating and Ticket Pricing

    For wheelchair accessible seat locations and prices, please click here or contact Disabled Services.

    Service Animals

    Service animals accompanying Guests with disabilities are permitted in Yankee Stadium. If special accommodation is required, please contact Disabled Services. Guests who need to "park" or "air" their service animal must proceed to the Yankee Stadium Lobby, adjacent to Gate 2, to have their ticket stamped/signed by security personnel. After the ticket has been stamped/signed, Guests may exit and re-enter the Stadium only through the lobby.

    TTY Telephone

    In the case of an emergency, a TTY telephone is available at the Guest Relations and Ticket Sales Booth, adjacent to Gate 6 in the Great Hall.

    Tours presented by MasterCard

    All Yankee Stadium tours are accessible for Guests who use wheelchairs/scooters. For those requiring interpreting services, please call (646) 977-TOUR at least three weeks prior to the anticipated tour date. For more information, please click here.

    Wheelchair Storage

    Guests may store their wheelchairs/scooters at Guest Relations Booths or have security personnel assist with storing the wheelchair/scooter as close as possible to their seat location. The Yankees are not responsible for the damage or theft of any stored item.

    Wheelchair Transfer

    The Yankees strongly recommend that Guests who use a wheelchair/scooter bring a wheelchair/scooter to move around at their convenience and to access restrooms, concessions stands and other areas, as Yankee Stadium does not have wheelchairs to rent or loan for any portion of the game or event. Courtesy wheelchair transfers (when available) may only be provided from the gate Guests enter through to their seat location and from their seat location to an exit gate when they are ready to leave. If the need arises, the courtesy wheelchair transfer service may be halted because of medical situations. Guests may request this courtesy service from security personnel. Please be aware that there will be a period of time that Guests will have to wait for a wheelchair transfer. Wheelchair transfers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Wheelchair transporters are not permitted to leave the Stadium to pick up or deliver Guests outside the gates.