This Yankees team has changed the opinion I had developed about them during the seven years I spent with the Angels.

When you're facing the Yankees, you sort of sit in the dugout and think to yourself that the team has a lot of superstars and you figure they must be selfish and just playing for themselves. At least, that's how I viewed it from the outside.

But now that I've been here and had a chance to see things from the inside, I've eaten those words.

What you see on the inside here is the complete opposite of what you might think from the outside looking in. You have to be part of this team to know about these guys and how they work together. It's certainly changed the way I'll view opposing teams in the future.

When I came here, I wasn't expecting anything from anybody. Coming in, though, I knew it was important to talk to everyone and try to get to know them -- starting with Jorge Posada.

Jorge's been a great teammate from the beginning. Overall, as a fellow catcher, he's been the biggest help to me. Any question that I have, I go to him and he always has an answer for me. He's been amazing.

Coming in to New York, another important thing to me was to try and fit in. The club was winning and I didn't want anything to change. I figured that was the best way to come into the new situation. I think I've done things right so far.

When I first got to New York, I didn't even think about my first trip back to Anaheim. It didn't really hit me until a few days ago. You have to be in New York to know just how crazy it is to be there. I wasn't paying attention to coming to Anaheim at all, even though I have a lot of memories and I remember all of the good things that happened.

It did feel a little weird to come into the visitor's clubhouse in Anaheim for the first time, though. One of the first things I did, however, was to go across the hall and say hello to the many friends I still have in the Angels' organization. For seven years I went to the home clubhouse, so to come to the visitor's clubhouse for the first time was rather strange.

In addition to seeing so many friends this week in Anaheim was that I also got to sleep in my own house. I enjoyed that.

The Yankees acquired backup catcher Jose Molina from the Angels on July 21. A veteran with nearly 400 games caught on his resume -- which includes a World Series ring while a member of the Angels in 2002 -- Molina's two brothers, Bengie (Giants) and Yadier (Cardinals), are also big-league catchers.