It's one thing to hit for power and it's another to hit for average, but when you're putting on an all-around hitting display like Magglio Ordonez this season, it's even more impressive.

Maggs has been an enjoyable player to watch all season long -- and the key to our success.

In terms of the power, it's not just the home runs he's hit. He's been a doubles machine and an RBI machine, too. If there's a guy in the game right now who's doing all that he is, let me know about him. Maggs has more than 40 doubles, which is just ridiculous.

He's been playing every facet of the game at its highest level -- not just recently but all season long.

Magglio has been durable, too. He's gone out there every day. Everyone in our clubhouse can count on him not just playing every day, but playing at an incredibly high level. That's a major accomplishment when you consider the length of our season.

I've spent most of my career in the National League and he's spent his entire career in the American League, but I remember watching him play in the Minor Leagues. I knew even back then that he was a great player.

When he broke in with Chicago, he was one of the best players in baseball. Then he got hurt, but he really bounced back last year to get back that "great player" label. Now, he's simply taking it to a new level.

Maggs is the textbook version of a professional hitter. I watch him in batting practice and every day it seems he's working on something new. That's helped him elevate parts of his offensive game.

He always has a plan and never wastes an at-bat. He uses the whole field and goes to right field especially well, which makes him even more dangerous.

Maggs is my choice for MVP.

Sean Casey is in his first full season with the Tigers after being acquired by the club in a trade with Pittsburgh last summer. His teammate, outfielder Magglio Ordonez, leads the American League with a .358 batting average and 48 doubles and is second in the league with 129 RBIs.