At the end of Spring Training, I got released by Texas. I wasn't happy with the news but I accepted it. I still wanted to play a couple of more years, but seeing so many veteran players getting pushed out to make way for younger guys, I knew I may not have another chance.

I could have been pushed out of baseball, too, but I was lucky to get another chance with Milwaukee. I started this season at Double-A, but I think my positive attitude about the situation helped me get back here.

You have to have a positive attitude. I had a chance to come here and help the Brewers, but I knew that, if they didn't want me, it was possible that my career could have been over. I just wanted to have fun with it, be positive and hope things worked out.

Going back to the Double-A level was a unique experience. Sometimes we forget, especially when you've been around for a long time, about the Minor Leagues and how the grind can wear on you there. It can be very difficult with the trips you make.

Sometimes guys forget about that and take big league life for granted. So, for me, it was good to go back there and get a little bit of a reality check.

Another positive of signing with the Brewers was that I got to experience National League baseball for the first time, and I found out that I love it. I love it because every single day you have to be ready and prepared, because there's a chance you're going to get into the game.

Between double-switching and pinch-hitting, you have to be ready, no matter who you are, all of the time. I really like that you have to be ready to play.

And that's been my role this season as a part-time guy. I will get a start every now or then, but, when I'm not starting, I'm ready to come in as a pinch-hitter or a defensive replacement.

In all, I feel lucky that things have ended up well for me this season. I got a chance to come to the National League and had an opportunity to play on a very good team.

But I've played 12 years in the Major Leagues now, and I still haven't been to the postseason yet. It's one of the things that I would really like to accomplish before my career is over. It's what drives me.

Frank Catalanotto is hitting .284 with a .352 on-base percentage in 141 at-bats over 73 games for the Brewers this season. The native of Smithtown, N.Y., began his big league career in 1997 with the Tigers.