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08/01/2005 12:33 PM ET
MLBPA statement regarding suspension of Rafael Palmeiro

NEW YORK -- The Major League Baseball Arbitration Panel has authorized the Major League Baseball Players Association to release the following statement:

The Players Association filed a grievance challenging the 10-day suspension imposed by Commissioner Selig on Rafael Palmeiro for testing positive for a steroid. Today, the Panel has denied that Grievance.

Under the terms of Attachment 18 to the Basic Agreement (“Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program”), the suspension of Mr. Palmeiro was stayed pending the Panel’s decision. Also, consistent with Attachment 18, the Panel has ordered that all aspects of the proceedings remain confidential.

Under Attachment 18, the Panel has issued its decision and will render a written opinion at a later date. The Panel has authorized release of the following:

“The result reached by the Panel is based on the uncontested positive test result and our determination that the evidence in this record is not sufficient for the Player to meet his burden of establishing that his positive test result was not due to his fault or negligence. The Panel considers it important to point out that our decision does not equate to a finding or belief that Rafael Palmeiro –- whose testimony in many respects was quite compelling –- was untruthful in his testimony before this Panel or any other body.”