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Phillies Charities 5K, presented by Toyota, Training Plan

Prepared by Phillies Major League Conditioning Coordinator, Paul Fournier, ATC, CSCS, RSCC.

Some important factors to consider while training for an endurance run:

  • Every individual will begin at different fitness levels. Therefore, interval training (running for 1-2mins, walk 2-3mins) is an excellent place to begin for most. As you become more adapt to training regularly, the ratio of running time (work: rest ratio) can increase with a decrease in walk time. Same parameters can be applied to cross training with moderate to high: low to moderate resistance ratio.
  • Alternating days of running with cross training (cycling, elliptical or swimming) will create variety in training along with allowing for the body to recover from the rigorous impact of running.
  • A simple way to determine the intensity of training is to be able to carry on a conversation, with the occasional deep breaths between sentences.
  • Training attire - running shoes should fit your feet comfortably, and not be more than a year old. Dress accordingly if training outdoors.
  • Proper warm up before exercise is recommended.
  • Stretching prior to and after training is suggested to prevent the onset of muscle soreness.
  • Hydration is important, even in cooler conditions. Eat regularly to maintain blood glucose levels during longer duration of training. Breakfast is key!
  • Consult physician before exercise.
  • Be sure to listen to your body. If you're sore, active rest (walking) or complete rest is recommended.