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Jeter's Leaders


Jeter's Leaders is a youth leadership and social change program designed to promote healthy lifestyles. More »


Jeter's Leaders participate in leadership development meetings, mentoring, workshop training and college exploration. More »

Meet the Leaders

Meet the Jeter's Leaders of Kalamazoo and New York. More »

Kalamazoo News & Events

Find out what's happening with the Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders. More »

New York News & Events

Find out what's happening with the New York Jeter's Leaders. More »

Internship Initiative

Turn 2 Foundation has made a commitment to provide paid internship opportunities for the Jeter's Leaders and Jeter's Leaders Alumni currently attending college. More »

Social Change Project

Bi-annual conferences and community service projects bring together high school students who share a common goal to make a positive change in their schools and communities. More »

Summer Discovery

Turn 2 Foundation has partnered with Summer Discovery to award four Jeter's Leaders scholarships to attend Summer Discovery programs at leading colleges and universities in the U.S. More »

Meet the Alumni

Meet alumni of the Jeter's Leaders program. More »

Become a Jeter's Leader

Admission to the Jeter's Leaders program is open to all students throughout the five boroughs of New York City and the West Michigan area. More »


Have a question about the Jeter's Leaders program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. More »